Rh srl was founded in 2006 with the aim to offer an innovative product, to an ever increasing competitive market, that is cost effective, efficient, practical and easy to install.  A high quality product that only an organized industrial manufacturing process can guarantee.

With years of experience matured in cable-harness manufacturing and in the assembly of electrical and mechanical components, it has been possible to evolve continuously, overcome challenges and we are certain to contribute to the development of a sector that has remained static.

The product hence proposed and the organizational choices made have been recognized by the following institutions:

  1. ICIE (Cooperative Istitute for Innovation) in the ambit of LARCO - Research LAboratory for COnstruction, which is a part of  the High Tecnology District Net (consists of 22 Laboratories e 20 Centers, Research Institutes, Universities and Private Companies) promoted by PRRIITT (District Program for the Industrial Research, Innovation and  Technological Transfer, L.7/2002 of the Emilia Romagna Region) develops research and technology transfer activities to the service of building firms of Emilia Romagna Region, involving all sub-suppliers : the method proposed by RH has been inserted in "Atlas of Excellences".
  2. Maintenance Management 2007 : III International Conference on the Management of Maintenance and  Facility Management (Rome, 27th-28th September 2007).
  3. Zero Defects Laboratory  : RH is pilot member of this European Laboratory officially introduced by Emilia Romagna Regional's CNA in Bologna on 31st october 2006 whose priority is to determine all those "good practices" (among which is to produce in an industrial context of "zero defects objective") that, if correctly implemented, concur to characterize a special territory as an European Territorial Area of Excellence. The founder members of the Laboratory are :
  4. Industries Defence Agencies;
  5. NORMAPME - European Office of Crafts, Trades and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for Standardisation (Bruxelles);
  6. Chambre des Métiers de la Haute Garonne (France);
  7. Regional CNA of Emilia Romagna;
  8. CNA Innovation;
  9. UNI (Italian Institute for Standardization);
  10. Economic Department of the University of Parma;
  11. Engineering Department of the University of Florence.
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